Do You Need To Hire A Professional Resume Writer

Do you really need to hire a professional to write your resume?

If you don’t have the time, energy or inclination to write your own resume, then hiring a professional resume writer is better than the uninspired document you might come up with.

Do You Need To Hire A Professional Resume Writer

I’ve seen horrible resumes and I’ve seen awesome resumes. There is a difference.

Most often, the bad ones are written by people who do not know how to document their accomplishments.  These “bad” resumes just list job duties. And when this happens, the bad resumes all look the same.

A good resume shows how you’ve been successful in past roles. Your resume tells your story and conveys your style and personality. This is NOT easy to do. You also have to understand how recruiter’s think and how ATS (applicant tracking systems) work in order to use the right keywords.

The bottom line is – you will need a resume.

Just keep in mind that a resume is a small part of your job search. The resume might open a door. But it is the interview that seals the deal.

people hire people

I Don’t Write Resumes

In my opinion, job seekers put way too much emphasis on this document. I don’t want to support their obsession so I purposefully do not write resumes. However, I do consult and collaborate with highly skilled executive resume writers. The good ones understand the hiring process, the thought process and technology used by recruiters, and can craft amazing stories for their clients.

Objectively Evaluate Your Resume

resume isn't working

If you have applied to multiple jobs and your phone isn’t ringing (or you haven’t received an email for a phone screen) then it is safe to say – your resume isn’t working!

It’s almost impossible to evaluate your own resume, so ask someone to help you with this. Go download this resume review checklist to evaluate your resume.

If you’ve reached the point where you feel you do need a professional resume writer, then finding someone is step one. Don’t just rely on a Google search for top resume writers. You want to work with someone you know, like and trust! This is an investment in your future.

What’s Your Investment?

Hiring a writer to help you craft your resume can cost anywhere from $49 to $4,900 or more. As is true with any purchase, you pay for what you get.

To better understand the level of service provided and how to evaluate resume writers, let’s hear from a couple of resume writers I respect and list as top resume writers.

How To Find A Resume Writer

Donna Svei of AvidCareerist, put this together to help you identify the best resume writer for you!

Finding the best resume writer for YOU is important. Not all resume writers work the same way or produce the same types of resumes. You want to work with someone who understands your occupation and has experience writing about it! And don’t miss her four warnings about what to look out for when investigating professional resume writing services. There are scams out there.

How To Evaluate A Resume Writer

There are a lot of resume writers and not all are created equal. Conduct your due diligence and be sure you select the best one for you.

Lisa Rangel of Chameleon Resumes suggests evaluating resume writers by asking these questions:

  • Have they worked at a search firm and/or in corporate recruiting in their past career?
  • What real-world hiring and recruiting expertise do they have?
  • How recent is that expertise?

To see more great questions you should be asking, go read her article on how to evaluate the best resume writer for you.

Feedback On Resume Writing Services

LinkedIn is a great way to share thoughts, ideas and opinions. I highly recommend you check out this article on LinkedIn and review the 105+ comments about resume writing services.

Don’t Forget About Your LinkedIn Profile

You need an awesome LinkedIn profile too! There are strategies good resume writers know about to help your LinkedIn profile look better and rank higher. LinkedIn has become almost as important as your resume so make sure any professional you work with also understands how to craft effective LinkedIn profiles!

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