Motivation Monday: A Reminder, Push & Pick-Me-Up

Sometimes we all need a little push, pick-me-up, or reminder…that’s what today’s post is about.

 A Reminder Push Pick-Me-Up

Job search is a tedious process. It often requires you do things you don’t like to do- like forcing you to look deep inside to evaluate your motivation and assets, talk to people, step out of your comfort-zone and more. This week, let’s do this job search thing better!

Reminder: Networking Is About Building Relationships

job search reminderNetworking is the most important job search activity yet most people despise the concept. Networking is about learning about other people. It is about learning new things, acquiring information and being a good listener. (Read why networking really isn’t a waste of time and how to do it right!)

Yes, you must be able to summarize who you are and what you do! (That’s your pitch)

And yes, you do need to have a purpose for meeting with people during informational meetings (networking meetings).

Networking is a long-term strategy, so don’t expect to see immediate results.

Push: Try New Ways of Networking

job search pushIn order to have success networking, you have to stick with it!

Don’t fall back on your old ways of blindly applying for jobs as your primary job search activity. Find ways to network more comfortably! Use LinkedIn to search and find people to network with. Try using Twitter. If you are on Facebook, try using it to let your Friends know you are still searching for your next gig.

You do not need to go to networking groups. Networking is best done as a one-on-one activity. If you are an introvert, try the tips in this post.

ALWAYS Use the Two-Step method when you apply for a job. ALWAYS!

When you find a job, search your network, tell your friends, and find multiple people who work inside the company with the job posting so you can be referred for the job. Is this difficult? Yep. But, it isn’t impossible.

Pick-Me-Up: Rejection Is A Learning Opportunity

job search pick me upIf you take each rejection as a personal attack, it will destroy your self-confidence. You’ve gotta stop this. A rejection can mean many things: your skills aren’t the right mix.

Your personality wouldn’t fit with the team. The company doesn’t see how your resume fits the job. These reasons are not personally rejecting you. Honestly, you don’t want to work in a job you don’t have the skills for. You don’t want to work on a team where you don’t fit in. Likewise, you don’t want to feel you aren’t able to give all you can.

So, instead of feeling rejected, be relieved. OR, embark on the difficult task of analyzing what you could do better to make sure your skills and personality are the right fit.

It is up to you to clearly communicate this. And when you’ve done your research about the company, people on the team etc., you will be better at presenting yourself as a fit and better at assessing whether to job really is a fit for you during the interview.

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