Agility, The New Differentiator

Intellect, managing emotions and agility! These are the three things employers look for from today’s job candidate.

It’s no longer enough to have the education and knowledge. Employers want to see how well you interact with others and respond to change.


IQ, EQ, and AQ

Move over IQ and EQ, there’s a new measurement for success. AQ. I first learned about this triad in a FastCompany article, Screw Emotional Intelligence-Here’s The Key To The Future Of Work.

In case you need a refresher, here are the definitions:

IQ or Intelligence Quotient: The intelligence, knowledge, facts, and trivia that one possesses.
EQ or Emotional Quotient: The ability to manage and understand the emotions of yourself and others.
AQ or Adaptability Quotient: The ability to adapt to and thrive in quickly changing environments.

Workforce Trends

These workforce trends are the reasons why you want to start working on your agility.

  • 4.2 years is the average tenure of a job (Department of Labor)
  • 35% of the skills required to do job will change by 2020 (World Economic Forum)
  • 45% of small businesses were unable to find qualified candidates (National Federation of Independent Business)

How Well Can You Adapt

As you can see, change is ever-present and coming at you faster than before. You have three choices when it comes to change:

  1. adapt
  2. quit
  3. coast

Coasting or staying but not adapting is a choice. But not a good one.

Your ability to adjust to change impacts your success on the job. So the best choice is to adapt. Not everyone adapts very well. Now would be a good time to assess your AQ, agility quotient?

Agility Quotient

You can take this self-assessment to see your agility score:

Adaptability Assessment

Learning To Be More Resilient

We crave stability and are creatures of habit, however, your job and career success mandate that you learn to be more flexible. Here are steps you can take to improve your agility when facing change:

Step 1: Recognize and understand the change

Step 2: Accept ownership of the change

Step 3: Plan how you will respond and adapt to the change

Step 4. Take Action and become a champion

Career Resilience

While we are on the topic of agility, it’s important to take ownership of your career resilience too. It is always better to feel like you have control over your career, rather than being an employer’s pawn.

  • Be on the lookout for new trends and technology and learn how to use them.
  • Keep networking with people inside and outside your industry.
  • Set short-term and longer-term goals for professional development and career goals.

Yes, you can change careers, as long as you know how to connect the dots from what you did to what you want to do.

Show Your AQ Mastery

As you consider creating your promotional materials (LinkedIn profile, pitch, and resume), look for ways to demonstrate your EQ and AQ.

Look for proof that you work well under pressure, can adapt to changes and learn new things quickly. Don’t just use these phrases, but cite actual examples of times when you successfully achieved results.

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