Summary Sunday: Job Search News & Trends

There will always be new trends. But if you aren’t paying attention to job search news, you’ll get left behind or left out!

job search news trends

This week’s summary has interesting information about the future of resumes, job search tips and how social media is being used by employers and how YOU can use it for research too!



The Resume of the Future Will Tell Employers Who You Are, and Not Just What You’ve Done
By Oliver Staley | Quartz

Thanks to Dorothy Dalton for bringing this article to my attention! I think we all can agree that the resume is certainly NOT the best tool to convey all the great things you can do and have done. This article takes a look at all the problems with resumes and some of the solutions to hiring that are being used today. It’s a long read, but full of nuggets!


Job Interview 101: Everything You Must Know About the Second Interview

by Simply Hired | YouTern

You will have more than one interview. The tricks to succeeding in the second interview are revealed in this article. Interviewing is a process you’ll need to understand!


The Ultimate Guide to Using Social Media for Interview Research

by Ed Mellett | Campus To Career

Sleuthing companies through social media offers great insight, in most cases. See what you can learn about companies on which platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) AND how to use the information during the job interview.

4 Hacks for Your Best Social Brand Ever

by Vanguard

When a company writes an article and publishes it on their careers page you know it’s important.  See what Vanguard recommends you do to polish your personal brand on social media!


3 Reasons You’re Not Getting Hired (Even Though You’re 100% Qualified)

by The Muse | Forbes

Are you boring, a poor interviewer or coming across as desperate? Any one of these things could be why you’re not making it through the interview process. Learn how to fix these problems!

Recruiters Look At This More Than Your LinkedIn

by Stephanie Vozza | FastCompany

Fast Company says “Just 29% of hiring managers look at an applicant’s LinkedIn profile, while 38% search for social media accounts” according to a recent SimplyHired study. This should be a lightbulb moment for every job seeker.


5 Tips to Become a Powerful Job Hunter

Jobvite’s newest Job Seeker Nation Report was recently released. I break down some important findings and how job seekers can fix the issues.

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