Summary Sunday: Autopilot Doesn’t Work

Get out of autopilot mode and take control of your job search and career by learning new things!

There are lots of things you need to know and do in order to successfully find a new job and manage your career. You can’t just set it and forget it.


Get up-to-date information on job interviewing, what to do during your internship, a checklist of social media cleanup tips, a free LinkedIn feature that’s gold, the power of job clubs and the power of storytelling.

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4 Tricks for Acing Your Next Interview

by Deborah Swerdlow | Idealist

The power of positive thinking can go a long way! Try one of these tricks to give you the oomph you need before your next interview!

A Top Recruiter Explains Why You’re Hearing Crickets After a Job Interview

by Paul McDonald | Quartz

After an interview, you expect to hear something from the recruiter, right? Well, things happen and sometimes, all you hear are crickets. Learn the many reasons why this happens! It’ll make you feel better!


How to Spring Clean Your Social Media Accounts

by Julia Campbell | Social Media Today

Tis the season for cleaning up! Use this list to clean up your profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


The Most Exciting LinkedIn Feature You Won’t Believe is Free

by Wayne Breitbarth, Power Formula | YouTern

Did you know you can search your connection’s network? So instead of asking people if they know someone….you can search their LinkedIn network and actually see who they know! And the best part is- everyone can do this (no premium membership required).


Job Clubs — The Top Habit of Exceptionally Successful Job Seekers

by Donna Svei | Avid Careerist

If you are looking for a new job solo, you know how hard it can be. Job clubs, when run the right way, help shorten the process by teaching job search skills and providing support. Learn more about job clubs, especially where to find the ones nearest you!

The 7 Skills You Need to Conduct an Effective Job Search

by Sharlyn Lauby | HR Bartender

Today, we are all looking for our next job. It’s just the new normal. These are the 7 skills you’ll need to master in order to survive. Lauby says:

While this list might impress an employer during an interview, that’s really not what it’s for. It’s designed to be a reminder that, whether you’re an employee or a freelancer, you need to have some ownership of your career development. And these are the skills that will help you be good at it.


How to Get the Max ROI on Your Internship

by Jennifer Chandler | The Muse

Is a summer internship in your future? If so, you will have to do more than perform well in your role. This is your chance to build a network and get noticed for the work you’ve done. There are 5 things you need to think about/do before you start your internship. Go see what they are!

Storytelling: Begin With The End in Mind

by Tanmay Vora | QAspire

The sketchnote below was inspired by an article from one of his favorite bloggers, Bernadette Jiwa. Jiwa says:

great storytelling starts with an understanding of the audience, aligning your message to needs of the context and then delivering it in a way that creates impact.


3 steps to craft a powerful message

Image via QAspire


100 Helpful Career Blogs and Websites for Jobseekers and Jobholders

by ThriveYard

It’s always exciting to be included on a list like this! There are lots of great resources here for you to follow! Thanks ThriveYard!

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