Summary Sunday: Job Search Questions Answered

You have job search questions and here are answers! 

job search questions

From how to extract yourself from a networking conversation to what NOT to do during a job interview, these articles will answer your job search questions! You’ll also find help understanding LinkedIn’s settings, what to do when someone views your LinkedIn profile, how to create a personal mission statement and why you shouldn’t dismiss or ignore the power of being active on social media!

I’ve done the research to find answers to your job search questions! Hope these help!


3 Polite Ways to End That Networking Conversation (That Don’t Involve Obvious Excuses)

by Kat Boogaard | The Muse

How do you get out of a conversation at a networking event? These very straight-forward cues will work!


A Time Sensitive Guide To LinkedIn Settings

by Andy Foote | LinkedIn Insights

Your LinkedIn profile has 66 settings – 27 of them relate to privacy. When was the last time you visited the settings section? Andy Foote explains what they mean and which settings will help give you “maximum visibility, opportunity and security.

Exactly What To Do After Someone Visits Your LinkedIn Profile

by Kat Boogaard, The Muse | Fast Company

LinkedIn is the only social network that shows you who has looked at your profile. Here are some ideas to make the most of this feature and create new opportunities!


Ready, Set, Switch — Shape Up Your Social Media

by Dr. Dawn Graham | Forbes

Do you really need to be active on social media? There are at least 3 reasons the answer is yes plus how to improve your online footprint.


How To Write A Personal Mission Statement That Inspires You

by Amelia Keiser | BrandYourself

You may not think you need a personal mission statement until you read this article. When you define yours, you build your brand, your credibility, an audience – yet most importantly, it helps you stay true to your strengths and attracts future career opportunities!


Updating LinkedIn Profile Tips: Don’t Get Caught with Your Profile Down!

by Jeffrey Bacon

Don’t overlook the importance of refining your LinkedIn profile! These tips will help you improve it! I’m thrilled that Jeffrey Bacon quoted me in this article (along with many other talented experts!)


Survey of 850 hiring managers finds that this is the No. 1 thing that can sabotage your interview

by Abigail J Hess | CNBC

A picture is worth a thousand words…here ya go!

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