How to Use Twitter

Consider this your starting point for how to use Twitter (to find a job)!

Can you really use Twitter to help your job search? Absolutely!

If I were a job seeker (and I am, because we all should be looking for our next job), this is how I would use Twitter.

How to Use Twitter


Before you even create your Twitter log-in, define what your mission is for using Twitter.  Hint, to meet new people.  So who are the people you would want to meet?

  • The movers and shakers in your industry.
  • People who share a common interest or passion
  • People in your city/town
  • Recruiters
  • Target company employees

Next, think about what you will include in your profile that will help people know what you do and want to follow you or investigate your tweets.

Start thinking about your personal brand and keywords people would search for to find you.

If you need some help writing a long bio, check this post. How To Write A Better Bio.


  • Use your name for your Twitter account. You want to be remembered and found.
  • Complete your Bio. In 2-3 sentences, how will you brand your message? It is OK to have fragmented sentences in your bio.


Before you go any further, share one or two tweets. You can share an article you think is important to your next career move, you can share a link to your LinkedIn profile or something you’ve written on LinkedIn.

Whatever you do, make sure you give people a reason to want to follow you.


Remember the list from above… go follow these folks on Twitter.

  • The movers and shakers in your industry.
  • People who share a common interest or passion
  • People in your city/town
  • Recruiters
  • Target company employees

You can search Twitter for your favorite news sources and industry movers and shakers. Once you’ve done this, look at Twitter’s recommendations of people to follow. Chances are, you’ll see people who are in the same industry.

To find people in your city, you can use Twitter’s Advanced Search and search by Places. If you are relocating, use your new destination.

To find recruiters, you can search for that job title in their bio. In order to search bios you need to use a separate tool. Try Moz’s FollowerWonk.

Once you begin to find people to follow, be sure you add them to a list. This will help you see what they share more easily.

You can follow this list of 50 Job Search Pros to get advice and help with your job search.


Keep organized and create lists. You may want to use the list categories from above or create your own. To create a list, click on your profile picture and you’ll see a pulldown menu. Select Lists.

Create Twitter list

You can make your list public or private. If you add people to a public list, they will receive a notification from Twitter. You can also add a description to your list. This could be helpful if you want to share your list publically.

If you want to see how lists can organize the flow of tweets, go read 1 Hour A Day Marketing Strategies for Job Seekers.

START RT (Retweeting)

The nicest way to begin is by RTing the tweets of people you just followed.  They will usually thank you.  Consider what your response tweet will be, something complementary to warm up the connection.


It is easy to get sidetracked by posting “too personal” or unrelated Tweets.  Keep it professional.  Nobody really cares what you are making for dinner.  However, if you’ve had a great customer service experience or a really great dinner, do give credit to the store/person/establishment.  Positive nets positive! Never, ever complain.


Each time you log into Twitter, consider it a challenge to Tweet, RT and Thank anyone who has RT’ed you.

Add new people to your following every time you log in

When you read an article or blog you like, see who wrote it and follow them on Twitter.

You are now ready to read 11 Beginner Twitter Tips

You may also want to learn about Twitter chat – an open online discussion.  Twitter Chat Do You Participate?


So are you wondering where the jobs are on Twitter?  Well, I am not going to go there.  Focusing on job opportunities is putting the emphasis on the wrong part of your mission in my opinion.  Your mission is to meet new people, first and foremost.

You can search for jobs on Twitter. But you may find people you follow sharing jobs. To learn more about finding jobs on Twitter, read this: Finding Jobs On Twitter

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