How To Prepare For Video Interviews (Part 1)

How To Prepare For Video Interviews (Part 1)
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Virtual or video interviews are gaining in popularity these days, especially if you’re relocating to new city that’s far way. Because this type of job interviewing is so new, most people aren’t sure how to prepare. I’ve got some tips that will help you look more professional in your video interviews.

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Be aware of your environment. This step is very important and is overlooked by people a lot of the time. Know what’s going on and how things look before you start your job interview.

Give people a heads up. You want to let the people you live with (i.e. roommates, spouses, kids, etc.) know that you’re going to have an interview so they can be quiet and not walk into the background of your shot.

Put away your pets! You don’t want your pets walking around in the background of your video set up. If your pet that tends to make a lot of noise, find someone that can take them for a walk or get them out of the house for a short time while you conduct your video interview.

Pick a good spot to set up. You don’t want a dark and messy room as your background. Pick a spot if you can that has lots of natural light and is clean. No beds, kitchens, or clutter in that background!

Your virtual interview is likely your first chance to make a great impression. Don’t waste this precious opportunity by forgetting the steps above. Now, go nail those video interviews!

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